“Market research” concerning this blog

(This post has gotten a little long. Touch the link below – or copy and paste it into your browser – to hear me read the post. This is a device I am starting to use all through the blog, so people who would rather hear the text in my voice can do so.)


This new blog is a real labor of love for me.

After nine months of me and my doggie Pancho being “two outlaw cowboys running the back roads of Appalachia during the pandemic”, I am finally posting some of the 200+ videos I have shot from the road. They contain beautiful scenery from Appalachia, some great music (and some inimitable Majo dance moves) – and some of the invaluable things I have learned along the way.

I want to get some more detailed information about what people experience when they watch these videos and read these blogs. So I want to recruit a few people to help me do “market research“ – give me feedback about what goes on for you when you watch them and read them.

I will be asking people to give me feedback by answering questions like these:

- What did you like the most?

– What inspired you?

– What made you laugh?

– Did this increase your motivation to want to watch more of my videos?

– Can you think of one or two or three people to whom you might want to send this blog post?

– What about the content was confusing or you didn’t understand?

– What about the technology did not work for you or was difficult to navigate? Was it hard to shift from the end of one video back to the beginning of the other one, etc.?

I will pay $25 per person, per project. A project should take you about an hour. The big market research firms would probably pay you more, but I bet you will really like these posts and videos. I am very hopeful that most of the people who do one project will say, “Sign me up for another – I like these posts and videos. I would read and watch them for no pay!”

The blog I am wanting feedback about (“How to approach my videos”) includes:

1) About three pages of text giving an overview of what our last nine months have been like.

(But you don’t even have to read that text: I have included my own little quick and dirty version of the fabulous new Apple Speechify app, which turns written text into spoken words that you can listen to instead of reading. Right above the text you will find a button which allows you to hear me read the introduction. I think that’s a lot more fun – and makes you hands-free, so you don’t have to watch the screen.)

2) A video about how to make best use of my videos – 13 minutes.

3) A video about “good things” and “bad things” about 10 minutes.

This video is a more natural follow-on to the first video than you might think, because the first video ends with me getting back to the truck and finding that I have left the lights on and the battery is dead. This situation begs the question, “Is having your car not start a good thing or a bad thing?”

Maybe the deepest philosophical question of everything I have shot – and I hit you with it in the first post!

And there is some pretty interesting and fun and philosophical footage of my Pancho wandering around the parking lot. This begs the question, “Is it a good thing or bad thing that Majo lets his little dog walk around in a parking lot with no leash?”

My monthly budget is (finally) gradually building, but for now I can only afford to pay a few people for the service on this particular blog post.

I won’t really exactly do first-come-first-serve. I may factor in how well I know you and how much I expect that you will give me useful feedback.

You probably shouldn’t bother to apply if:

– You are liable to be offended by some rough language (I don’t think there is any in this particular post) or

– You are a perfectionist who will be horrified by how totally improvisational this entire process is.

The post I would like feedback about (“How to approach my videos”) is “sticky” on this blog – it always pops up first when you open the blog.

If you want to sign on to send me feedback about this post, please send me an email at heymajo@icloud.com.


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These days all of my identities are converging: whether I am offering a blessing in the grocery store checkout line, offering a prayer in a poem or experiencing the kinship with all life while walking my or a client's dog - it's all the same. It's all Life.

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